One of a kind hotels

When I created this website more than two years ago, I was very ambitious. I wanted a site with only the best and most unique hotels all over the world. And not only that, I wanted a list of all the best hotels for every price range.

I guess this was a bit too ambitious. Let me take for example. On the indexpage they say that they have more than one million properties listed on their site. Could you imagine? One million! If I could handle 100 properties a day, it would take me more than 27 years to go through all of them. That’s an impossible task for one person.

So I had to change my plans. I know, it took me awhile, but it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. So from now on, I still want to find very good hotels. But more than that, I want to find what makes these hotels one of the best. What factors make a hotel a one of a kind hotel?

So no more lists of one of a kind hotels, but instead I will be looking for guidelines. Guidelines that help you assess whether a hotel is a good hotel and whether it’s worth the money. This way you can judge yourself. On the other side, if you’re a hotel manager or owner, I hope you’ll find a lot of good advice on this site, to make your hotel one of the best!

So welcome to my new website! I hope you’ll enjoy it!