Travel is like art

Some hate it. Some enjoy it. Some can’t live without it. At its best it can change your life.

Luxury Hotels That Go Above And Beyond To Make Your Vacation One To Remember

Most of these hotels are only for the happy few as they come with a rather high price tag (250$ a night and way more). But these hotels are the best of the best and are worth every penny. They are perfect for special occasions and once in a lifetime experiences. And if you cannot afford it… Everyone is allowed to dream! Looking for a luxurious but more intimate experience? The small luxury hotels have less than 10 rooms.

Exceeding Expectations Doesn’t Have to Be Extremely Expensive

Oh well, some of them are still pretty expensive, around the 250 dollar mark (and you’ll only pay less than 250$ a night in low season). But some are less expensive, even cheap. You’ll get a lot of value for little money. Don’t expect the same amenities as a hotel with a much higher price tag. Still, these hotels will deliver an exceptional experience and a world class service. The small hotels have less than 10 rooms and are much more personal.

Sometimes You Just Want To Impress

You want a hotel with a stunning view, a beautiful interior, an amazing bar or a unique spa? Check the suggestions below. They may not be the best hotels in the world (although, some are). Their view, interior, bar or spa is truly one of a kind and worth checking out!

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